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BetterCare Support And Services For Your POS System

Better my POS offers personalized support from our knowledgeable staff available to you 24/7. Our expert team understands more than just your technology, they understand the restaurant business itself—allowing them to see the whole picture and help you address your problems better. Get the help you need with various avenues of assistance. From 24/7 systems maintenance to management training, we’ve got you covered!


Our Services

All of Our Customers Enjoy:
  • 24/7 system maintenance
  • Personalized service training programming
  • Customized reports
  • IRS/Sales Tax audit assistance
  • PCI compliance assistance
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Talk with a Better My POS Service Provider

We Cover Your Restaurant POS System from Start to Finish with Our BetterSuites Offerings

BetterCare – Software Support

Get assistance with your POS system and online website with a BetterCare package that fits your business’s needs. Our packages offer remote and on-site support, along with comprehensive training. Our team is ready to help you decide which option is best for you. Choose between our silver, gold, and platinum packages based on your business requirements:

BetterCare Packages

  • Silver: Designed for restaurants who are primarily open only during business hours (7:00 am to 7:00 pm pacific standard time).
  • Gold: Designed for out-of-state restaurants that do not need on-site services.
  • Platinum: Designed for restaurants primarily located in Nevada, Arizona, or Utah where we have a physical presence and can assist with on-site needs.

BetterProtection – Hardware Support

BetterProtection gives you the added benefit of having IT professionals ready to keep your POS network in tip-top shape. All our plans offer monthly computer maintenance, cloud-based database backups, and IT monitoring of the POS server and Windows-based terminals. Clients can add to their plan with IT monitoring for remote printers and networks as well as add extended warranties to their workstations and printers.

BetterProtection Packages

  • Silver: Designed for customers that need database and computer protection but have hardware that is currently under warranty.
  • Gold: Designed for quick service or counter service customers whose hardware is now out of warranty.
  • Platinum: Designed for table service customers whose hardware is now out of warranty

BetterPay – Payment & Processing Support

BetterPay packages provide you with a team that is ready to help you manage your payment processing. These packages are often covered by our market partners to provide your business with unlimited support for credit card issues, tip issues, or batching issues.

BetterPay Packages

These costs are often covered by our market partners.

  • Silver: Designed for businesses not processing with our BMP partners processors but are using EMV payment solutions from Better my POS.
  • Gold: Designed for businesses that are processing with at least one of our BMP partners.
  • Platinum: Designed for businesses using one of our BMP partners and EMV solutions from Better my POS.

QuickService Package

Looking to include the best options from our BetterSuite for your quick service restaurant (QSR)? Our QuickService package provides your restaurant with unlimited software support in addition to unlimited payment and processing support. This package ensures your software and hardware are backed up with all-inclusive maintenance and monitoring. In addition to these services, clients who enroll in our QuickService package also enjoy an array of discounts on hardware.

TableService Package

Much like our QuickService package, we have paired the optimal packages for our fine dining and table service clients. Our TableService package includes unlimited software and credit card support as well as the best discounts on your hardware repair and purchasing needs. To round out your package we back all your systems up with all-inclusive maintenance and monitoring for your hardware and software networks.

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